jewelry industry

The tradition of making and wearing jewellery is centuries old. People in older times used to make beautiful pieces of jewels from stones, bones and sea shells. Women of that era were not different from modern women of today as they also loved to adorn themselves with delicate and unique jewels.

In ancient times people were very superstitious and some of them believed that wearing jewels can protect them from misfortune and evil spirits and so they never forgot to wear their lucky charms. The rulers used to wear heavy jewels to show off their power and wealth. But nowadays it is no more a show piece rather it has become the hottest trend to wear matchless and beautiful jewels.

Today, a diverse collection of articles are made ranging from most precious metals like platinum, white and yellow gold, sterling silver to less expensive metals like; titanium, stainless steel, rubber, plastic, glass and wood. More and more designers are coming in this field and to show their talent and skills by providing a wide range of fashionable and classic items.

Jewellery industry all over the world has developed a lot in recent years. More and more unique materials and metals are being used to make fascinating and attractive articles. Besides women, men are also very much interested in following this fashion of wearing trendy and modern pieces of jewels like; rings, chains and bracelets.

Diamonds, pearls and other gemstones like sapphire, opal, zircon, emerald and ruby are some of the stones that are widely used in making attractive jewels. Artificial jewels like lab grown diamonds are also very popular these days.

As the price of gold is increasing people are now switching to artificial jewels as they are also very appealing with intricate designs and styles that are quite similar to those of gold. Even the brides are buying artificial sets for their wedding because they find these artificial as amazing as real jewels but less costly than the original ones.