discount diamond ringsIt’s heart breaking, times are tough, the economy is affecting everyone.

Some of the hardest hit emotionally are those that want to buy that incredibly special ring but feel that just can’t afford the masterpiece that their fiancee deserves.

But you can get discount diamond solitaire rings, using a little ingenuity and thinking outside the square but without compromising your dreams or sacrificing quality.

When it comes to buying the engagement ring most of you really want to impress your girl. There is still the old fashioned notion hanging around that bigger is better. Combine this with the idea that the ring has to tell your fiancé just how much you care it is not surprising that many guys go and buy the biggest ring that they can afford.

Some guys even think that if they do not buy the biggest ring possible that their girl will actually say “no” when they propose.

For some, this means getting a big diamond, but compromising on the setting or the metal that they use. For others it means getting a setting that they like, but a really bad quality diamond. There are even those who will get a great looking ring, but use a fake diamond. (eeek!)

Most of these guys will make a mental note to change the ring when they can afford to, some will cross their fingers and hope that she doesn’t notice.

But it is possible to avoid all of these scenarios, get the ring of her dreams and not place financial pressure on yourself in the process.

Save on the Setting

The people over at James Allen have an amazing range of high quality discount diamond solitaire rings – all of which are available in the metal of your choice; yellow gold, white gold or platinum. At the time of writing these settings start at $360 for a beautiful 18K white gold pronged solitaire setting. (The closest price that we could get to this was $400 from another reputable online retailer)

Go check out James Allen’s Gallery for an example of what is available.

Save on the Diamond

Once you have chosen your setting, just add your diamond to it by browsing the thousands of high quality gems. These diamonds are all GIA, AGS or IGI certified so what you see really is what you get.

If you know a little bit about diamonds you can choose your carat, cut, color and clarity and choose your diamond from the selection shown, otherwise you can choose your price range and go from there.

To let you know a little bit about the quality of the diamonds that James Allen provides – none of the diamonds are graded anything less than a Good cut, a K grade for color and an I1 for clarity.

What does this mean?

In layman terms it means that the diamond that you get will sparkle beautifully in the solitaire setting and if you go for a clarity of VS3 or above you will not even see any flaws in it with the naked eye. These are diamonds that not only look stunning, but that will hold their value beautifully.

So if they are not skimping on quality, how are they able to discount diamond solitaire rings?

It is not so much a case of James Allen discounting their diamonds and settings. It is more a case that they are not marking them up as much as other stores. To add to this, they also have free shipping to the US and Canada, free resizing and a spectacular reputation for customer service – unheard of for an online store!

Seriously, if you haven’t already go check out my story and find out what Gary and I discovered when we bought our rings. I’ll give you a clue, we literally saved ourselves hundreds and got a great discount on our wedding bands!

By buying discount diamond solitaire rings from an online vendor, you can get the ring of her dreams and feel great about doing it.

Oh – and for those that are worried about it – it is the proposal that she will say yes or no to, not the ring – if she is right for you she will accept you no matter what!